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Alex's Suzuki Buskers wowed the house

Malini and her classmates played their violin recital Sunday on the Drag as planned.

tutti the haul

The performers played pieces from the Suzuki violin book 2, and they did a show-stopping version of Bob Wills' "Faded Love" with four fiddles and Malini on vocals. As you can see, invited friends and passersby enjoyed the show. $72 for forty minutes work isn't bad! Afterwards we all went to Milto's for pizza and spent up their earnings. (More pix.)

Credit for the idea of a busking recital goes to their teacher, Alex Marcus.

Alex Marcus
kids 2003.03.25 link


This is great!

I remember as a kid going into Cambridge some nights just to watch the street performers around Harvard Square. Now we've got police rousting buskers on 6th Street. That is just so wrong.

Chip [chip ARROBA unicom PUNTO com] • 2003.03.26
How you know you're a New Yorker: "You pay a subway musician to stop playing." I happen to LIKE pentatonic one-string Chinese fiddle karaoke ... and Suzukiers turned out onto the street by their parents to earn a crust. Reminds me of our visit to the Tenement Museum! ;-)

colin [iggy ARROBA hairyeyeball PUNTO net] • 2003.03.26
Makes Grampa proud!

Grampa [asriddle ARROBA comcast PUNTO net] • 2003.03.26
It's deja vu all over again: this evening we went to First Thursday on South Congress. On one corner was a fellow playing fiddle. We stopped and Malini told him that she plays as well. He offered to let her do a number on his instrument. She played one chorus of Faded Love -- and somebody put a $20 bill in the violin case!

The fiddler was very nice and insisted that Malini take the $20.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2003.06.06
Dancin' in the street!

Astor P. [robert punkto marcus cxe ey punkto com] • 2004.04.18
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