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Jette on Austin history

As part of Austin BlogSwap, here's the guest blog entry from Jette of Celluloid Eyes.

And you thought N. Lamar was just another dull stretch of road in North Austin: A History of North Lamar Blvd. uncovers some surprising facts. A zoo, a club where Elvis Presley and Hank Williams played, an alleged house of ill repute -- and now we have Eckerd's and Dreamers, and barely a trace of this history on the road itself. (Part of the Copperfield/Northeast Austin History site. Warning: It's on Tripod, pop-ups may appear.)

See, South Austin isn't the only colorful part of town. Look for "78757" bumper stickers any day now. But if you're feeling left out, you can always look at lovely vintage postcards and photos of downtown and South Austin on No movie theaters, but we can't have everything.

Thanks, Jette! Look for more BlogSwap entries at AustinBloggers. My own BlogSwap entry is posted at Tilted Wisdom. "BlogSwap -- it's like mate-swapping, but with blogs."
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