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Neutrino bath mat

While cleaning the bathroom not long ago I accidentally dripped bleach on a cheap forest-green bathmat I had just bought to match the bathroom counter. The spot immediately bleached to a bright golden orange.

After the unintended staining experience repeated a couple of times I had an idea. When life gives you lemons, etc. So I gathered a few round kitchen items and the bleach bottle and had myself a little art party. Here are the before and after pics. (The "before" is actually an unstained twin of the stained mat.)

bathmat before

bathmat after

Voila! Instant op art. Not too shabby. If you can't tell, I'd been shooting for something vaguely like subatomic particle tracks. The orange actually matches highlights in a frame around the bathroom mirror. Not anything I'd snap up at Pottery barn, but better than looking like the bathmat was visited by an incontinent tomato-loving chicken. Or maybe not. You tell me.

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